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MGSwebSourcing use flash in creating original cutting edge designs that can enhance the image of your business in the online marketplace. Give a fresh, new feel to your static website by using interactive flash elements that can attract visitor attention.

With the help of multimedia and application development tools like Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Macromedia Director, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere, we create a more presentable and easily navigable website for your business.

The following are some of the primary flash services offered by MGSwebSourcing.

  • Flash Intros
  • Flash Video-enabled Websites
  • Flash Banners and Advertisements
  • Semi-flash Websites
  • Animated Flash Logo
  • CD Presentation
  • Flash base CBTs and WBTs

Our design and development team comprises professionals with profound knowledge and experience in this field. Given our expertise, we know well enough to keep the limitations of flash in mind when designing such sites. Whether it is loading time, plug-in installations, or search engine indexing of your web pages, you can rest assured that our techniques will not hamper your business prospects.

Our services to design flash elements that are visually attractive and can easily summaries the basic concepts of your online business. Create magic with the potent combination of impelling text and appealing graphics. MGSwebSourcing's Professional flash web designers will create custom SWF (shockwave flash) files or movies for your use in your website, project, multimedia presentations, or banner ads.

Flash provides digital motion, excitement, and interactivity for your visitors, setting you apart from the competition. Through the use of sound and motion flash technology can be used for a wide variety of needs. Our flash animations are built to your specifications and professionally developed for you based on phone consultations, and a thorough review of your needs.

Animation services include complete websites, flash web logo creation, banner ads, flash navigation, product presentations delivered over the web or with PowerPoint, tutorials, introductions, 3D Modeling, 3D character animations, or CD business cards. Our professionals are experts at minimizing and compressing file sizes to eliminate slow load times.

Even small business needs some type of web presence. In today's environment, any legitimate business, large or small, is expected to have a website. However, web design for the small business often should meet different and specific needs.

Small Business Owners are often just getting the business started and in many cases are competing with large scale companies who easily have more resources than they do. Obviously the small business can't compete with the big guys in brick and mortar, television, radio, and newspaper methods of promoting the business.

The internet is the great equalizer. A small business can look just as professional and impressive as the large business via the internet. The only difference is that small business website can't be found as easily on the search engines. Through professional website optimization techniques (as well as much more cash) the large business has their website designed and monitored to be found in the major search engines on specific industry related search terms. This "professional search engine optimization" is usually too expensive for a small business website.


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