7 benefits of using an Open Source CMS

7 benefits of using an Open Source CMS:

  • No propriety license fees - More development time and money can go on creating a beautiful website than on the CMS.
  • High quality and stable software - Many hours of development have gone into building open source software by a community of skilled and dedicated programmers.
  • Safe and secure - Generally if security holes are discovered software patches for open source software are released very quickly.
  • Customizable - Because the source code is accessible, there are always plenty of plug-ins contributed by the community to add functionality to open source CMS.
  • Large communities - Generally open source projects have a large active community who can help you solve problems.
  • Source code is freely available - Should you ever need to tinker with the core software you have access to the code.
  • Not locked into a single vendor - Other developers can easily extend or update your website should you ever need to.

Rightway Proudly offers the following open source solutions. Our skilled and efficient developers are expert in designing templates, creating skins, installing open source solutions, installing their modules, doing design integration and also make custom modification to cater varied range of client needs. We employ highly skilled professionals with years of open source programming, open source customization and open source development experience. The result is prompt and reliable performance.

We offer below Open Source Solutions

WordPress CustomizationWordPress Customization
Joomla CustomizationJoomla Customization
VirtueMart CustomizationVirtueMart Customization
Drupal CustomizationDrupal Customization
X-Cart CustomizationX-Cart Customization
Zen Cart CustomizationZen Cart Customization
OpenCart CustomizationOpenCart Customization

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